Wednesday, 21 October 2015 07:58

Vaccination for Flu

Dr Neminathan of Child Trust Hospital has said that parents should get their children vaccinated to protect them from influenza which is prevalent during monsoon time.

As per the centres for disease control and prevention(CDC) 90% Paediatric death occurred in unvaccinated childrenin the past years he said. The doctors say that influenza occurs globally with anaffect rate estimated at 5 – 10 % in adults and 20 – 30 % in children every year. One in three children with influenza will be in complication.

The complication of the fever leads pneumonia, the next stage and a child is required to behospitalized eventually leading to the death of the child. All of us do not have the antibody in our body and therefore achild or adult needs to get vaccinated every year. During monsoon influenza affects more children more than adults he added.